Malaysia Dialing Codes

CountryMalaysia Dialing Codes Calling Code +60 & International Prefix – 00

Fun Facts: Malaysia’s cuisine reflects the multi-ethnic makeup of its population. Many cultures from within the country and from surrounding regions have greatly influenced the cuisine. Much of the influence comes from the Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Javanese, and Sumatran cultures, largely due to the country being part of the ancient spice route.

Note: Adding the + sign when dialing automatically adds the international Prefix, meaning you don’t need to remember the international prefix: So its +44 for UK or +353 for Ireland from a mobile device rather than the alternative 0044 or 00353 that might be easier to use from a Fixed Line

Hello Malaysia

“The Malaysian language (Malay: Bahasa Malaysia), or Standard Malay (Malay: Bahasa Melayu Baku) is the name regularly applied to the Malay language used in Malaysia”

“Malaysia is a federal constitutional elective monarchy, and the only federation in Southeast Asia. The system of government is closely modeled on that of the Westminster parliamentary system, a legacy of British colonial rule”

“Nearly 4,000 species of fungi, including lichen-forming species have been recorded from Malaysia”

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