Liechtenstein Dialing Codes

Country CLiechtenstein Dialing Codesalling Code +423 & International Prefix – 00

Fun Facts: The oldest traces of human existence in Liechtenstein date back to the Middle Paleolithic era. Neolithic farming settlements were initially founded in the valleys around 5300 BCE.

Note: Adding the + sign when dialing automatically adds the international Prefix, meaning you don’t need to remember the international prefix: So its +44 for UK or +353 for Ireland from a mobile device rather than the alternative 0044 or 00353 that might be easier to use from a Fixed Line

Hallo Liechtenstein

“Since 1923, there has been no border control between Liechtenstein and Switzerland

“The official language is German”

“The principality of Liechtenstein is divided into 11 communes called Gemeinden (singular Gemeinde)” 


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